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Why Deaf Watch was Created 

Deaf watch was created to cater to the deaf population of seniors in the country. The reverse mortgage firm is a first of its kind. It tailors its operations to fit the special needs of deaf seniors. Reverse mortgage loans are special type of loans that are designed to benefit seniors above 62 years of age.

Reverse mortgage loans have unique features that make them a better option for seniors who desire to live their retirement dreams. These loans are supposed to be enjoyed by all seniors in the community who qualify for them. Being deaf should not deny a senior access to these loans. Deaf Watch was created to make sure of that. 

The reverse mortgage industry presently does not have any firm that is equipped to handle and communicate with deaf clients. This may be due to the fact that these are in the minority. Most deaf seniors may feel embarrassed to seek out reverse mortgage loans from people and firms where ease of communication may be a problem. 

With Deaf Watch, communication with the deaf is not a problem at all. Our staffs are well equipped to deal and communicate with deaf clients using the popular American Sign Language system. Our commitment and passion stems from our desire to help as much as possible those who qualify for reverse mortgage loans to benefit from them. 

The founder of Deaf Watch was also raised by a single parent who was a deaf. He was able to thus witness first hand the frustration that most deaf ones have to face to carry out seemingly ordinary daily tasks. When he later ended up as a reverse mortgage lender his skills to communicate and relate with the deaf easily made his services highly prized in the reverse mortgage firm where he was employed. When he finally set up his own firm, he created Deaf Watch to cater solely and professionally to the reverse mortgage needs of deaf seniors.


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