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Deaf watch is a unique reverse mortgage firm that is one of a kind. We are reverse mortgage experts who are actively involved with helping deaf seniors reap the benefits of reverse mortgages. We cater solely to deaf seniors all over the country. Our aim is to make it easy for this special class of clients to access reverse mortgage loans and live their retirement age in comfort and style. Deaf seniors who qualify and are be interested in a reverse mortgage loan should feel free to contact us. 

Deaf watch was created to fill up the vacuum that existed in the reverse mortgage industry. The population of deaf seniors in a particular community may not be significant but when considered on a national scale they make a recognizable percentage of the market. We however noticed that there was no reverse mortgage firm large or small that was trained or designed to cater to this group of people. Deaf Watch was thus created to breech this gap and cater for deaf reverse mortgage clients. 

Our efficient staffs do not have a problem relating or communicating with the deaf as they are trained for that purpose. We help our clients through the whole stages associated with applying and securing a reverse mortgage loan. We offer quality reverse mortgage consultation and offer professional advice to guide our clients to make well informed decisions. 

No matter where you are, you can certainly benefit from the quality unique service being administered by Deaf Watch reverse mortgage experts. Our nationwide counselors are ever ready and equipped to help you get reverse mortgage loans. Reverse mortgage loans are designed to provide succor for seniors above 62 who own their own home. With a reverse loan even you can enjoy access to steady income to help you through your retirement years. Contact us today!


Official site of the National Association of the Deaf.
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